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Building Blocks

kaitlyn conway


We love any excuse to talk fashion, especially when it comes to your own wardrobe 101 guidelines!  As you may be able to tell if you are already a subscriber, we are extremely passionate about focusing on the building blocks of your wardrobe. The basics and building blocks are some of the reasons You Own the Look is here today!

Think of the building blocks of your wardrobe as the foundation of your house.  In order for your house to be solid, your foundation has to be right.  The same goes for your wardrobe.  If your wardrobe solely consists of trendy pieces, you will continue to look back on pictures and have that terrible thought of “why did I ever think it was okay to wear that outfit?”  If you incorporate these staple basic pieces into your wardrobe with the trendy pieces, you can keep it timeless and fresh all at the same time. And even if after a few years you look at the trendy pieces and want to throw them out, you will still have those basic staples in your wardrobe that are so versatile.

What do we mean by building block pieces?  These pieces consist of neutral, solid pieces with clean lines.  The pieces are extremely versatile and can be worn with several different outfits.  For example, a good pair of black skinny jeans are a must for your wardrobe.  You can transition these jeans with several outfits - from a casual day look, to dressing them up for work or even a night out. The jeans become a foundation for several different looks and styles you want to accomplish. The same goes for a plain white tee, a black sleeveless blouse or dress, or that taupe tote bag that fits everything in it but the kitchen sink. Now some of you may be thinking, gosh, staple neutral pieces are not very fun to buy! It is way more fun to find that fabulous red dress to wear to a wedding, or that floral top you have been eyeing ever since you saw your favorite blogger wearing it. Although those things can certainly give you a rush to purchase and you feel like a rockstar wearing them for the first few times (and don’t get us wrong, you LOOK like a rockstar too!), it is usually the staples in your closet that you keep coming back to. Because staple, neutral pieces are not always the most fun to search for or buy, You Own The Look wants to show you the value of these pieces and take the legwork out of you spending your time looking for them. And because we love staple, building block wardrobe pieces so much, we are very particular in searching for them. What does that mean? That means that we don’t just pick the first white top we see - we look at many different things before we present it to you - is the price fair? is it see-through? is it a classic style? can it be worn with multiple different types of outfits? We want to make sure we bring you the best pieces at the best price points - the items that we look at and also say, I need that in my closet too! (side note - let’s all admit that need versus want is sometimes difficult to differentiate when you love fashion, your husband or significant other may just NEVER understand, but don’t worry - WE do!)

We hope that you are starting to understand our love for basics and also start to see the worth they can have in your wardrobe. So what if five other people you know have the same black sleeveless top that you just bought? You can add your favorite printed scarf, your favorite skinny jeans, your favorite statement necklace - or even just a pop of red on your lips - and completely make it your own, unique look. Everything in your wardrobe certainly does NOT have to be neutral. The beauty of these basics are that you can always add your own style flair to them to make them your own. You Own The Look cannot wait to continue to service you and your closet, and to continue helping you build the foundation of your wardrobe!

Here are a few of our favorite "building block" pieces that every female's closet could find a use for!