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We Heart Transitional Pieces

kaitlyn conway

Transitional pieces are essential for every wardrobe, but we can all relate to the feeling of really needing these essential pieces right now with these crazy warm weather days in October and November! Transitional pieces are those that take you from the heat of summer into the cooler temperatures of fall. If you live in the South especially, you know the weather hasn't been very "fall-like" lately. The problem? We also don't feel right about wearing our favorite summer espadrilles, shorts, or summer dresses when it's November. What's a girl to do?  Make sure you are prepared for the unpredictable temperature changes by having these basic seasonal transitional pieces in your closet. 

Some of our favorite pieces are those that are transitional, as you know we like to focus on the building blocks of your wardrobe. Sleeveless sweaters are great for any seasons and also for everything in between. If we find a good sleeveless sweater in ivory, we can promise you we are buying it in black and grey as well because we know we will put it to use!  They are great because they can fit the "look" of the season while not making you too hot or too cold.  

Another great piece for your wardrobe in between seasons is black skinny jeans.  You can wear these year around and dress them up or down!  They should be a piece in every woman's wardrobe.  They are great with sleeveless tops, t-shirts, sweaters and even dressier cocktail tops. You can pair them with sandals, wedges, open toe mules, booties or OTK boots. They can be rotated throughout any season and provide the base of just about any look you are trying to achieve.

Vests - we love vests because you can throw them on over anything and everything. One trend we are loving right now in particular is knit vests - it gives you the look and feel of wearing a sweater but without fully having to commit to the bundled up look and regretting it mid-day went the sun comes out and the temperatures are in the high 70s. Throw on a vest with you favorite white tee, a sleeveless dress, or your favorite blouse and you've nailed the transitional look. 

Last, but not least...let's talk our favorite transitional accessory, scarves!  Scarves are the perfect accessory to throw on in the mornings when it is still chilly outside, and you can pull them right off when it warms up throughout the day. They add just enough flare to your outfit during the fall and are perfect for these fluctuating temperatures (not to mention the occasional cold chill or hot flash - you girls know what we're talking about!) One of our favorite fall scarf trends are blanket scarves - whether they are thick or thin - they are fabulous because you can wear them wrapped around your neck like a typical scarf, or if it gets chilly at night you can wrap them around yourself like a blanket! It's basically like carrying a jacket around your neck. Done and done.

YOTL hopes to help you get through the awkward "in between" weather as we transition through the seasons without sacrificing your look OR your comfort level. Stay tuned for a lot more transitional building block pieces to come in our upcoming LookBooks!


Callie, Taylor, and Rachael