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Incorporating "Neutral" Colors

kaitlyn conway

If you are a YOTL subscriber or if you follow us on social media, you will quickly realize that we believe neutral pieces play a key role in your wardrobe.  Our core belief is that neutral pieces should be the bones or as we like to say building blocks to everyone's wardrobe essentials.  

BUT that is not all we believe, we also think there are "neutral" colors that are a vital component to your closet!  Not everyone only likes to wear white, black, gray and taupe and we recognize that.  Winter is the best season to incorporate these other colors we are talking about.  You will find the best pieces this season that utilize merlot, navy and olive green color palettes.  These colors are everywhere this season, from jackets to skinny jeans to cocktail dresses, you can't miss them.  They aren't loud fussy colors, which is why they easily can be used as some of your building block pieces.

 One of the fun parts about fashion that we love is how it is an expression of your personality.  People love to be expressive with their clothing through fun colors and prints.  Now you should know, we adore prints as well!  If you were to go through each of our wardrobes, we could promise that you would find several striped pieces and several pieces that use animal print.  We can't get enough animal print whether it is in a piece of clothing, a scarf or a bracelet.  Prints like these allow you to add an edgy flare to whatever look you are putting together that day!

Fashion is ever changing, so we are constantly finding new colors and patterns that we want to share with you. We hope you find some colorful "neutral" pieces in our LookBooks that will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.