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Give your Skin some TLC this Winter

kaitlyn conway

With all this talk of freezing temperatures and snowfall this week, we can't help but think about how much love we need to be showing our skin right now!  If you are anything like us, unfortunately your skins loves to embrace the dry dullness of winter.  We like to say our goal each year is to have "dewy" skin - a very tough task during wintertime. So in order to make sure we are working on our dewy skin,  we use some of these fabulous products and wanted to share them with you!

You may be familiar with some of these products, but our hope is that we give you something new to try out!

Serums are Heaven sent - we can't say enough about them!  BUT we have to say our absolute favorite serum is a splurge item, but we can promise you it is worth every penny.  We heart Clarins Double Serum.  Normally the jumbo bottle is over the typical YOTL $100 price point, but we found it on Amazon for less!  It combines the perfect ratio of oil and water-based ingredients to deliver maximum results. You only have to use a small amount after you cleanse and it will go a long way - we noticed a distinct different in how moisturized and smooth our skin felt in just a few days!  PS - this product is so amazing we have even found our husbands stealing a few pumps to apply to their skin...

For moisturizers, we love Elta MD and Cetapil Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream

Let's talk lips!  We try to keep our lips just as moisturized as the rest of our skin, so that when we apply any lip color it goes on like a charm.  For your standard chapstick lip care, we are hooked on Coola's liplux!  For more of a glossy lip moisturizer finish, do yourself a favor and get Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips.  Yes, it's called Nipple Balm, but your lips will love it!

Hard Candy's Hydrating Primer Mist is the perfect product to apply to your face before putting on any face make up for the day.  We just discovered this recently, and can't imagine our daily routines without it now! It certainly helps us to achieve that dewy look we are going for.

Last, but not least, Pond's Cold Cream is just what you need for cleaning your face at the end of the day!  It cleans and moisturizes all at the same time - plus it feels amazing on your skin!  What more can you ask for?

Do yourself a favor and try out some of these products.  We promise your skin will thank you!


Rachael, Taylor, and Callie