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Closet Cleanout

kaitlyn conway

You have made it through the holidays and it's time to give your closet some love!  We love organizing and simplifying our wardrobes, but we understand that this can be a very overwhelming process to some people.  So we have put together a closet clean-out guide for you to go by, otherwise known as a Closet C U R E.

Here are some YOTL Clean-Out tips and rules that should help you get started and through the process!


 •    Try to clean out your closet at least twice a year. 

 •    Plan when to organize your closet - put it on your calendar and stick to it.

 •    Organize your closet by season. If you have extra closet space, designate your current closet only for the current season.

 •    Color code your closet - this is the best way to start the process of cleaning out.

 •    Get baskets and/or portable drawers for small items such as socks, camisoles, bathing suits, hats, etc.

 •    Use a hanging closet organizer for items such as scarves, camisoles, belts, etc.

 •    Get rid of all of the hangers that are broken or bent. If you really want your            closet to feel clean, try to use just one style of hanger. Our favorite kind are the velvet no-slip slimline hangers.


o  Make several different piles to sort your clothes into:

  • Keep: Items you love and wear often
  • Maybe: Items you like but don't wear much
  • Give away/Sell: Items that are in good condition but you are ready to give up
  • Donate/Trash: Items that are not in great condition  

o    For the "maybes," ask yourself these questions: if the answer is NO, get rid of it.

  • Does it fit?
  • Would I buy this in a store right now?
  • Have I worn this in the past year?
  • Will I wear this in the next 3-6 months?
  • Will I really miss this if its gone?

o  Get rid of any "trendy" items that are no longer in style, especially if they were             somewhat inexpensive. 
o If you can come up with several reasons why you haven't worn something with           the tags still on, it's time to part ways.
o   Going through your closet and getting rid of things will be like taking inventory of          your wardrobe and help you realize what you have too much of and what you really need more of:

  • If you have 10 pairs of black flats or 25 beige sweaters, maybe it is time to go through them and decide which ones you really want to keep and let go of a few others
  • This may also make you realize that while your collection of black flats and beige sweaters runneth over, you are seriously lacking in nude pumps and black sleeveless tops, aka your "missing pieces" 

This will help you focus on the pieces you really need versus what you just like when shopping, and will then help you shop smarter and budget accordingly!

We are big fans of consignment shops or local ministries that take donations!  Keep these places in mind when you are making your giveaway pile.  We hope these closet clean-out tips and tricks helps you give your closet the cure it deserves and will leave you feeling refreshed for the new year ahead!